Sunday, March 04, 2012

Helpful tips for writers seeking role play games, simulations, writers groups.

Greetings everyone!  Today we will be discussing helpful tips for the Writer seeking a great place to role play, sim, write.
In the world of many places to write; one must choose the place that suites their needs.
Remember, not every group fits every writer.  If you enjoy a place where you can write and have fun, and not always have a lot of off story drama?  Then you must shop around the groups!
As a mature lady and having been in role play, sim, writing groups since before the internet; I have had my fair share or unfair share of joining a group, with excitement and anticipation of helping to create; only to find that the group is not what I was told it was.  At times it might just be subtle things, and then in some it could be just the mere way the Group Leaders talk to people, harsh, curse worded filled emails or instant messages are not things that most writers look for in a writing group.
Always remember, it is never a bad thing to depart a group that you are miserable in.  If you have talked with the leaders and nothing changed and it is more stress and grief to you than it is a joy of writing, then politely let the leaders know that you are leaving the group.  You do not have to explain further, most group leaders understand that not every slipper fits Cinderella, and not every prince the one for you.  Simple and clean concise writing groups where the writers are appreciated for what they contribute is what I seek out.
These days as life gets more and more busy, I find myself not joining many groups anymore, as I have found that a good balance between real life and online activities are the well rounded person's way to live.
Seek out groups that you are interested in, do not join a group just because someone begged you to, if GI Joe is not your forte?  Be honest, don't try to write in a group that you are not happy in.
Seek out like minded people, like spirited people and people more your own age group, for a older person to join a group of teens and collage age people, it seldom works since these days younger people use cursing in their correspondence to member's like we Veteran Writer's use polite mannered exchange.
The world of simming has changed so much in so many places that honestly I find myself lost in places.
But for those brave hearts out there who love to write and work with others, do not lose hope there are still groups where polite engagements still happen, where manners and respect still mean something.
So, go out and seek the writing group that fits you, and create boldly go, and finish that race.  Writers enjoy creating.
Have a wonderful day!

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