Monday, September 03, 2012

Project Potemkin "The Lucky One" Film day warps/

Project Potemkin "The Lucky One", wrapped up primary scene filming today at Renda and Timothy Carr's home, Birmingham, Alabama. This film short is set in Sickbay and the CMO's office and gives the fans a look into life in Sickbay and those all too fleeting moments for mortal existence.

Primary filming completed today, the only scene left to film is a key scene for CMO Drake in communique with Captain Gregory.

This vignette will give fans a deeper insight into Doctor Maura Drake, some of her medical staff and just where the good Doctor's heart is.

So, look for "The Lucky One" at a Project Potemkin Video site near you, coming soon.


Kim Vickery, Nurse Lana Huggins
Keith Harris, Ensign Marvin, Orderly
Jim Brucke, Ensign Shivers, Away team member and patient
Mark Sellors, Security guard
Renda Carr, Doctor Maura Drake, CMO

Camera, Directors, Grips
Timothy J. Carr, Director, Camera, Lights, Sound
Renda M. Carr, Director, Backdrops, set staging, grip, continuity

Mark Sellors, Make-up Special FX
Renda M. Carr, Make-up

"The Lucky One"
Written by Randy Landers
A Project Potemkin Production in association with.... 3RadCatsProductions a Carr and Carr company.

This is just a update for you all regarding the filming for "The Lucky One"

We had a great day setting up the set and getting into make-up, costumes and going over lines, then filming.

My heartfelt thanks to Tim, Jim, Kim, Keith, Mark for all the dedicated hard work today. It is really refreshing to work with such consummate professionals.

Renda Carr, Reporting
Project Potemkin
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