Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Star Wars Acolyte

Season One:  

Episodes One through Eight, this Disney + streaming show for children 7 UP is a live action mini season set in the Disney/Lucasfilm Star Wars universe.  

For it's premiere they streamed episodes One and Two, giving viewers a look see into the timeline this show is set.  

There are a group of Women, various species on the planet they use the THREAD in their meetings, the Mother of the group used the thread to create children twins Osha and Mae.  

Mae blames the Jedi for death of her Mothers and calls out Jedi in a cantina.   They fight,  Mae defeats the Jedi with a small size knife.   

The pace of the show needs work, it can drag in all episodes.   
Episodes Three through Eight: In this program, the Jedi are pretty out matched by 'The Thread,'  One meditating Jedi Master, takes poison delivered by Mae and un-alives himself.   If you are going to watch this show thinking the Jedi are Heros and Heroines,  you might be disappointed.   

The Cast does a fair job, One through Eight with the scripts, direction, training that they were given.

This show introduces characters of the LGBTQN + and Lesley's story Arch which Kathleen Kenndy and Lucasfilm Disney approved for the show.

The show does not hide the fact that Sith Lords are actually alive and SITHING, in this timeline.

This show gives an Amazonian Arch to the Female Thread Users.  The Jedi are not the power welding Priests we are used to seeing from the previous Star Wars Shows and Movies.

It is confusing at times with Characters who in the blink of an eye go from Light to Sith with Jedi - Sith .  

Problematic is that none of the Jedi Masters including Yoda never sense these virgence in the Force much less the thread. 
The Jedi fight scenes are akin to Anime fighting,  so it's not your usual Jedi fighting. 

If Acolyte gets a Season Two, they really need to be mindful of Scripts,  Continuity, pacing and fighting scenes.  

Turns out the Twins are not twins , they are the same person spilt into.    There Mother is killed by the Jedi Sol accidentally.   The split person kills him.   

Many Jedi die by Sith or Thread split person.   It isn't clear how the Women Witches found the thread, nor why the Jedi appear bumbling.  So Thread Choke Sol. Re write Star Wars beginnings. 

I could go on,but I am stopping here and rating the entire show

Based on a Zero to TEN Star system:  My rating is Four Stars.  

May the force be with you.

Peace OUT.

Monday, July 27, 2020

214th Black Sheep Medical Heavy Support Fleet

New missions for Neptonia,  all the Black Sheep ships.  Strong anomalies in the sector of Nep'Til,  missing ships and strange space,  Intelligence recommends further investigations.

Strong rifts in space creating a travel nightmare.

We are still looking for successful RPG writers.  If you enjoy writing in character with a dedicated team of writers?  We are looking for you.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Star Fleet 214th Black Sheep seeks Role Players

Greetings: We seek Role Players for RPG's based on Star Trek Universe... Candidates must command good creative writing skills and also understand the military dialogue and protocols of Star Fleet and of the Civilian United Federation of Planets. Our RPG's are not one liner groups, we write good solid in character posts for the mission objectives. Interested parties should join our hub group, and leave a message for the Star Fleet Admirals I am Admiral T'Moya, and I welcome you to join an Elite Star Fleet Group where you are only limited by your imagination and writing skills. For people who are not fully versed in Star Fleet protocols we have Star Fleet Academy that prepares our Cadets to take on positions on a Ship or Star Base or at Star Fleet HQ. So, boldly go where no one has gone before join us on the adventures:
Fleet Admiral T'Moya, 214th Black Sheep Heavy Medical and Support Fleet.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

From Potemkin Pictures :Battle Cruiser Kupok episode.

Battlecruiser Kupok

Enjoy this Klingon Drama.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

TRCPAlliance: TrekLanta April 2016! Make plans to attend!

TRCPAlliance: TrekLanta April 2016! Make plans to attend!

TrekLanta April 2016! Make plans to attend!

Treklanta, formerly known as Trektrax!  Arriving in Atlanta, GA April 15-17, 2016.  New Hotel Property the Double Tree,      

Treklanta on Facebook!

USS Republic!
The Fan group that Runs Treklanta!  Hard working people for a wonderful, Science Fiction Trekkin Style!  So make your plans, book your room and join the Adventure!!!!