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Eric L. Watts & The USS Republic NCC-1371 proudly present
endorsed by the Klingon Assault Group International as the National Klingon Konvention

TrekTrax Atlanta • April 20-22, 2012 • Atlanta, Georgia • Holiday Inn Atlanta Perimeter
Klingon Guests • Klingon Events & Activities • Klingon Programming • KAG Member Discount
And of course... the 13th Annual World-Famous Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant

Guests of Honor

"Captain Klaa"


"Sleepy Klingon"
Star Trek V:
The Final Frontier

Star Trek V:
The Final Frontier

Star Trek VI:
The Undiscovered Country
• Best known to Star Trek fans as the Klingon "Captain Klaa" in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Todd Bryant also played an engineering cadet in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and the Klingon translator in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and was the stunt double for Ron Perlman in Star Trek: Nemesis
• Best known to Star Trek fans as the Klingon "Vixis" in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Spice Williams-Crosby also played a Klaestron kidnapper in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Dax," stunt-doubled for Megan Gallagher in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Invasive Procedures," and doubled for Jeri Ryan in Star Trek: Voyager
• David Orange is best known to Star Trek fans as the "Sleepy Klingon" in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Additional Notable Guests

Star Trek Screenwriter

The Klingon Music Project

Klingon Karaoke
• Morgan Gendel is the author of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes "The Inner Light" (for which he won the Hugo Award) and "Starship Mine" and the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episodes "The Passenger" and "Armageddon Game"
• il Troubadore: The Klingon Music Project is a four-piece band which writes and performs their own original Klingon music, including "Klingon Ballet," a one-hour theatrical production which includes song, dance and belly dancers
• Keela & Katkith are the hosts of the enormously popular Klingon Karaoke

Krikor Says: TrekTrax Atlanta will be a great opportunity for KAG members to gather in a Klingon-friendly environment. There will be Klingon guests and other Klingon-specific events and activities. Although I cannot personally attend this year (but looking forward to 2013!), I encourage all KAG members who are able to go to TXA, and I'll want to hear all about it afterwards! — Thought Admiral Krikor epetai-jechwI (Krikor Ajemian), Leader of KAG
Kris Says: Klingons. They've been around for decades. They bring out all the emotions, don't they? There are people who love Klingons. To them I say, come to TrekTrax Atlanta, and be loved by Klingons in return. There are those who hate the Klingons. Come to TrekTrax Atlanta, where counselors from the Klingon Assault Group will be glad to hear you out for a while... then, well, you'd better run. Then there are people who don't know a damned thing about Klingons, or Star Trek. Hey folks, come to TrekTrax Atlanta and jump in the uncharted waters of fandom's darkest and deepest pool. TrekTrax Atlanta is a place where the Klingons of KAG can move without the crush of fans on his armor. Where the Klingon in ALL of us can be freely expressed... up to the point where the convention folks call the cops. The Klingon Assault Group welcomes the opportunity to gather at TrekTrax Atlanta, truly a convention blazing a path to greatness. Go for Glory! — Kris, Founder of KAG
Kerla Says: [Founder & Chairman] Eric L. Watts is a superb showman and I have great confidence that TrekTrax Atlanta will be a supremely enjoyable convention. — Kerla epetai-MaHcha' (retired)

Fan Guests

• Fan Guest of Honor Melissa Carter, a columnist for The Georgia Voice and The Huffington Post, member of the Atlanta Police Department GLBT Advisory Board, transplant survivor and a former co-host of the morning radio show The Bert Show on Q100 in Atlanta
• Cheralyn Lambeth, a professional costumer formerly with Paramount Production Services' Star Trek Earth Tour and Star Trek: The Experience
• Lee Cox, a costuming expert, makeup artist and Dragon*Con Director of Costuming
• Andrew Greenberg, a roleplaying game designer who has worked on games for Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
• Emmett Plant, a writer, composer and producer who has produced over twenty Star Trek audiobooks for CBS/Paramount
• Michael Bednar and Holly Bednar from Starship Farragut, a Star Trek fan production based on the original series of Star Trek
• Chris Coleman, Doug Harper, Randall Landers, Bill MacKenzie, Sara MacKenzie, William C. Searcy, Ricky Thompson and Jack Zumwalt from Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek fan production set shortly after Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
• Jim Brucke, Renda Carr, Tim Carr and Keith Harris from Star Trek: Lexington, a Star Trek fan production set shortly after Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
• "Nerd rock bands" One Hard Night and the New York Disco Villains
• Moxie Magnus, an entertainer, blogger, comedienne and Star Trek "Glamazon"

TrekTrax Atlanta 2012 Features Multiple Tracks of Programming and Special Events
Three concurrent tracks of programming---OmniTrek, Qo'Nos and The Ready Room---will be dedicated to the Star Trek universe in general, the Klingon Empire in particular, and costuming & makeup together. The Klingon programming track, Qo'Nos, will host a variety of Klingon-oriented panel discussions, workshops and events such as "Klingon Family Feud" and a Klingon wedding. The Holodeck will be devoted to role-playing games, card games and board games, including the brand new Klingon Monopoly game. A 24-hour video room will feature episodes of several well-known Internet-based Star Trek series, a variety of Star Trek-related TV specials, programs featuring Star Trek celebrities and of course, the ever-popular blooper reels. In addition to multiple tracks of programming, TrekTrax Atlanta 2012 will also present these special events:
• VIP Champagne Reception with our Celebrity Guests
Kick off the convention by enjoying a selection of catered hors d'oeuvres and various champagnes in an intimate, dinner-style atmosphere with our celebrity guests Todd Bryant, Spice Williams and David Orange. Admission is limited to 30 members and is included with your Guardian of Forever or Ambassador membership. Tickets are $30 for all others. Persons under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent.
• "Trekkies Got Talent!" Talent Show
Our first-ever talent show is open to all attending members of the convention. Contestants may present any kind of talent act so long as it is safe, legal, appropriate for all ages, can be presented from the ballroom stage and does not require technical support beyond what the convention can ordinarily provide. Our "Trekkies Got Talent!" Talent Show will be hosted by Mistress of Ceremonies Moxie Magnus. There is no cost to enter but preregistration is required.
• Professional Writers Workshop
Hugo Award-winning screenwriter Morgan Gendel will conduct a two-hour writers workshop at which participants will develop "The Next (Hypothetical) Star Trek Series." Intended for working writers, aspiring amateurs or those who just want to voice their ideas, the workshop format draws on Gendel's extensive work as a writing consultant to several overseas broadcasters, where he worked with foreign staff writers on piloted TV series. With "the next Trek series" as a framework, participants will examine the building blocks of setting, character and action to understand how they work hand-in-hand to create a compelling screen story. Gendel will screen clips from his and others' work to demonstrate and, as part of the admission fee, will read and critique your previously written scripts, if requested, following the convention. Admission fee is $40 per person.
• The 2012 Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant
Presented at Dragon*Con from 1999 to 2009, TrekTrax Atlanta is the new home of the world-famous Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Pageant. Voted one of America Online's "Top 11 Most Offbeat Beauty Pageants" two consecutive years and as seen in Shock, Spin, Discover and Maxim magazines, on and on TMZ! The thirteenth annual MKE Beauty Pageant is open to any qualified attending female member of TrekTrax Atlanta who is at least 21 years of age and who agrees to abide by the rules of this contest. There is no cost to enter but preregistration is required. Contestants will be judged in "Beauty," "Talent" and "Personality" categories by celebrity judges Todd Bryant, Spice Williams and David Orange. Prizes exceed $500 in value but pale in comparison to the glory that is victory. Q'pla!
• Klingon Ballet, a one-hour theatrical production which includes song, dance and belly dancers
• Star Trek Universe Costume Contest, open to all attending members of the convention
• Saturday Night Live: Klingon Opera with il Troubadore and nerd rock bands One Hard Night and New York Disco Villains
• Q&A Hours with our Celebrity Guests
• Portrait Photo Opportunities with our Celebrity Guests
• Autograph Sessions with our Celebrity Guests

Hotel, Dealers Room, Fan Tables, Convention Souvenirs, Program Book Ads, Volunteering
• TrekTrax Atlanta 2012 will be held at the Holiday Inn Atlanta Perimeter, 4386 Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, Chamblee GA 30341. Guest rooms are only $79 per night for a standard double or king-size guest room. These rates are guaranteed to be the lowest available anywhere. Click this link to book online with our special convention rate already preloaded or call the hotel directly at (770) 457-6363 and use our group code "TXA" to get this rate.
• Our Dealers Room will accommodate up to 14 dealers. Twelve single-table booths are available for $80 each and two double-table booths are available at $160 each. Each booth includes one complimentary convention membership. Please visit the Dealers Room page on our web site for additional information and a Dealers Room application.
• Fan Tables are offered to fan clubs, authors, artists, conventions, nonprofit organizations, musical acts, fan film productions and other persons or groups to promote themselves. Only merchandise created and produced by the tableholder is allowed to be sold at a fan table. Fan tables are $10 each and must be purchased with at least one regular adult membership on the Memberships page on our web site.
• Our Souvenir Commemorative T-Shirts will feature a full-sized, full-color design depicting our celebrity guests with the name and date of the convention on a high-quality, 50/50 polycot shirt, available in red, black or royal blue in all sizes from Small to 4XL. Pre-ordering is highly recommended to ensure your choice of color and size. Only a limited selection of these shirts in sizes Small to 2XL will be available for sale at the convention. Persons who want a 3XL or 4XL shirt must order in advance on the Memberships page on our web site. Our souvenir commemorative t-shirts are $20 each and will be available for pickup at the convention.
• The TrekTrax Atlanta Program Book will be a full-color, 28-page digest-sized (5.5" x 8.5") magazine printed on high quality glossy paper in standard portrait orientation. A quarter-page advertisement is $25, a half-page advertisement is $50 and a full-page ad is $100. Please visit the Advertise page on our web site for ad specs and submission guidelines.
• TrekTrax Atlanta is committed to providing our attending membership an outstanding convention experience demonstrated by a commitment to unparalleled customer service. To achieve this goal, our all-volunteer, fan-run convention is organized into various operational departments. Opportunities to volunteer for at-con staff are available in many of these departments. If you are interested in volunteering for TrekTrax Atlanta, please visit the Volunteer page on our web site.

Memberships and KAG Member Discount

Regular Adult Memberships are currently $40 per person. Members in good standing of the Klingon Assault Group anywhere in the world can receive a $5.00 discount on the price of an adult membership by using the PayPal links on the KAG Discount page on our web site or by downloading the paper application.

Guardian of Forever Memberships include one free convention t-shirt every year, forever; front-row seating at all ballroom events, forever; access to all VIP receptions, forever; one free autograph from each celebrity guest, forever; and a special con badge identifying your membership status, forever. A limited number of Guardian of Forever memberships are available for $500 each on the Memberships page on our web site.

Ambassador Memberships include one free convention t-shirt, front-row seating at all ballroom events, access to the VIP Champagne Reception, one free autograph from each celebrity guest, and a special con badge identifying your membership status. Ambassador Memberships are available for $100 per person on the Memberships page on our web site.

Supporting Memberships are for persons who cannot attend the convention but still wish to support us. For $20, we'll send you a con badge and program book after the convention is over.

Child Memberships for persons aged 6 to 12 are available for one-half the then-current adult membership when purchased with an adult membership. Admission for children under the age of 6 is free but they must be registered, badged and accompanied by a parent at all times.

TrekTrax Atlanta Staff

Founder & Chairman Eric L. Watts is perhaps best known in Star Trek fandom as Dragon*Con's longtime Director of Star Trek Programming, creating the highly respected TrekTrak in 1993 and serving fandom in that position until 2009. Previously, he founded the United Federation of Trekkers in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1980 and served as its president until 1988. In 2006, Watts was elected commanding officer of the USS Republic NCC-1371, the Atlanta chapter of STARFLEET International, and by 2010, the Republic was the largest chapter of STARFLEET in the world. In 2007, Watts won the prestigious STARFLEET International Commanding Officer of the Year Award and over the next four years, won ten Region 2 awards in newsletter, web site, member recruitment and mothership categories. Watts is also a member of the Klingon Assault Group and serves aboard the IKAV Nemesis, based in Lawrenceville, Georgia, as a member-at-large. Watts can be contacted at

Director of Klingon Programming Kevin Parker is a longtime Star Trek fan, going all the way back to the 1970s, and started attending sci-fi conventions in 1986 with that year's Dixie Trek. Two years later, he joined the Klingon Assault Group and has now been a member for 23 years. Today, he is the commanding officer of the IKAV Nemesis, the KAG chapter based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Under Parker's leadership, the Nemesis often helps the community by working with local charities such as the Bread of Life Foundation (a community food bank) and Toys for Tots. Parker has participated in numerous panels at many conventions ranging from the history of Klingons to cheap costuming. He is used to coordinating many events and always gives everyone a memorable experience. As Director of Klingon Programming, Parker will be responsible for developing and coordinating a full track of programming devoted to all things Klingon. Parker can be contacted at

Information on other staff members can be found on the Staff page on our web site.

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TrekTrax Atlanta • PO Box 620605 • Atlanta, Georgia 30362-2605 •
Please note that the name of this convention is correctly spelled "TrekTrax Atlanta": "TrekTrax" is one word and "Atlanta" is an integral part of the name.

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