Sunday, February 26, 2012

Not all Pointed ears are for Vulcans and Romulans, know your ear tips.

Greetings everyone who is seeking the perfect 'Pointed ear tips' so you may re-create thyself into the perfect stoic Vulcan, or the exceptional hot blooded Romulan.

I am going to teach thee, that not all the advertised Spock/Vulcan ear tips are true Vulcan tips.  So, sit back with your favorite mint tea and read.

Vulcan and Romulan ears look like Human ears inside, with the added Points on the end.  Buy the pointed ear tips that look like a Human ear inside, I have two great examples of proper Vulcan and Romulan ear tips.

These are Vulcan ears, yes get this type.

Woochie Vulcan/Romulan Ear Tips

Foam Ear Tips Vulcan/Romulan

The ear tips below are great example of what NOT to BUY for Vulcan and Romulan, these are not Vulcan or Romulan, they are other aliens, fairy, elves , wolfs other ears so don't be fooled, do your homework don't get the wrong ear tips.

What is NOT Vulcan and Romulan do not buy these....

No no do not buy not Vulcan or Romulan

Not Vulcant ears.

No no no...

And most definitely not this type either this is not Vulcan/Romulan:   Not Vulcan or Romulan ear tips.

I sincerly hope that this wee blog on the art of becoming Vulcan and Romulan has inspired you today.



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